CSIRT Services

Threat Hunting

The cyber criminals nowadays leverage several high-end methods to achieve their goals. Not all of their motives or actions are detected by firewalls or anti-viruses. It is quite possible for a potential hacker to establish a firm presence in an organization and continue to exploit the available data. In some cases, they might even sell the available confidential data to other dark criminals.

To detect the in-depth attacks on the organization’s data, effective Threat Hunting inspection serves to be a great relief. It undergoes the inspection of each node in the organization. Through the implementation of both automated as well as manual tools, Threat Hunting method is used for detecting both active as well as inactive threats.

The Threat Hunting services offered by GlobalCyberVision aims at iteratively searching through multiple datasets & networks to come up with threats that might be evading the existing data & tools. Our professional threat hunting team offers specific expertise in the given field. Get our experts do the potential threat hunting for your organization to make it bug-free in all aspects.

Incident Response

Our high-end incident response services aid you in managing, preparing, and recovering from potential network attacks or data infringement cases. Our highly qualified and experienced team of Incident Response experts makes use of the latest Talos threat intelligence concept along with the trending security technology for responding to attacks in your organization. Our team of experts is also aimed at reducing the overall exposure to threat and damages caused by the same.

Through our professional incident response security services, you can achieve high-level threat intelligence to detect even the strongest threat in the world. Our senior-level experts have an expertise in offering interactive responses to incidents across a wide range of industries. With our expert emergency services, our cyber security incident responders are able to serve as you need them.

Digital Forensics

When it comes to ensuring top-notch cyber security for your organization, we assure the delivery of the high-end digital forensic services under the CSIRT domain. We have a special team of experts which specializes in the extraction, analysis, and presentation of the data across all computer systems and networks. GCV works in close connection with the law enforcement agencies, defense solicitors, military, intelligence, and government agencies to ensuring & assisting with the top-level digital forensic services.

Our team of digital forensic experts has extensive experience across a wide range of civil disputes and criminal cases with respect to the cyber security of different organizations. GCV makes use of legally approved and tested methods for collecting, preserving, assessing, analyzing, and presenting information that is found across all computer systems and interconnected networks. Our high-end forensic experts offer specialized investigation services to the business sectors. In addition to this, our professionals in the given field also offer relevant guidance and assistance to small-scale as well as large-scale corporate business organizations that might be needing internal level of investigations towards the misuse of organization’s confidential data, HR matters, or IP theft.

Through our specialized digital forensic cyber security services, we aim to produce an accurate, user-friendly and detailed report of the findings & recommendations to uplift your organization’s overall security.