The latest cyber-related security threats represent a growing concern over the overall reputation and stability of the financial sectors like the insurance companies. At GCV, we understand the importance of detecting and mitigating the potential cyber security threats to the Insurance Sector. As such, our team of cyber security experts helps in crafting a comprehensive security assessment and management program to curb the effects of security threats in the insurance sector. GCV has been working with leading insurance companies by helping them combat the potential risk to cyber threats in terms of the security of their data & network.

Our research-driven approach helps our professional security team in understanding the specific methodology of security adopted by the insurance companies. By taking proper threat-based approach to dealing with security breaches, GCV can help your organization develop a realistic view of the security posture and can help in developing programmes that tend to highly effective in practice. With strategic security solutions like Security Awareness of the workforce and other reformative methods, we aim to enlighten your organization about everything that any insurance company needs to know about cyber security.


Banks are usually locked in the war with cyber criminals to securing specialized banking channels and countering the potential security threats. As the security threats keep evolving at a rapid pace, there is a high need for the banking sector to adopt newer technologies and security measures to combat any possible security threat across different banking channels. The highly scalable authenticated security technologies offered by GCV provide versatile and cost-effective security to the banking sector with unmatched security levels across the entire banking channels.

As the banking institutions continue shifting their working paradigm to digital solutions, the potential hackers have their eyes upon breaching the same by using high-end infringement technologies & methods. As a leading service provider of data & network cyber security, GCV helps the financial organizations around the world in protecting sensitive data and business-critical infrastructure through our expert banking cyber security services. industry leading GCV’s data & network security services help you protect your data & network wherever it gets accessed –including your web applications –preventing the exploitation of potential vulnerabilities and offering cost-effective security remedial solutions.


Sensitive healthcare records tend to be the most vulnerable materials to the potential hackers across the world. GCV understands the importance of sensitive healthcare information to any healthcare institution and helps in comprehensively monitoring the potential vulnerabilities in your organization and assessing the risks on which you can focus to maintain top-notch security of your patients’ records. The top-notch security solutions offered by GCV to the healthcare sector combines proprietary security technology with unmatched threat intelligence as well as extensive experience of the skilled security team to detect the potential cyber attackers, their malicious plans, and methodologies. By analyzing the same, our qualified team of healthcare security experts is able to mitigate any possible security threat to the sensitive data & network of your healthcare organization.

GCV is capable of isolating your patients’ sensitive healthcare information and assets that are most likely to be on the top list of the attackers’ attention. Using the patent high-tech threat analyzer, GCV is able to correlate the potential threats, the patterns of the attacker, network, and security data with detectable vulnerabilities. The result that we offer is a set of determined attack paths to sensitive healthcare assets that could be used for achieving a proper remedial security plan.


The rising levels of security threats are impacting the power & utility sector as well. The cyber attackers & organizations understand the importance of critical infrastructural investments that will be strengthening the information security in the power & utility sector. As such, they wish to exploit the same to their advantage. Adding to the overall pressure from the potential cyber security threats, there is the intense scrutiny from customers & regulators upon the overall reliability assurance of security in the utility sector. Whatever might be the niche of your utility organization, our cyber security leadership can help your organization in understanding the potential threats, putting in place the effective risk assessment practices, and responding & resolving the cyber threats in an effective manner.

We understand that the critical infrastructure of the utility sector requires advanced security and cyber threat protection. This is why we offer high-end security risk framework tailored to the security needs of your utility-based organization for unifying top-notch security efforts into a cohesive framework. By investing in the advanced security technologies and care measurements, you can ensure that your organization’s cyber security concerns are our topmost priority. GCV has been helping our clients in the utility sector to protect their plants & equipment from physical as well as cyber security threats in a cost-effective manner.


The state & central governments across the world constantly face the state of potential cyber attack. GCV is a reliable security partner to leading governments around the world. We aim to strengthen every aspect of top-notch Government security for our clients. We help governments at all levels –state, local, federal, central –understand cyber threats, develop strong security business scenarios, strengthen their organizational resilience, and determine the overall return on their advanced security investments.

Through our top-notch security services to the government organizations, we aim to offer seamless protection of the critical infrastructure, data, systems, and the overall network through proper assessment of the potential security threats, continuous monitoring of the cyber threats to government bodies in real time, and putting up national-level defenses to offer high-end data & network security. Our diverse range of security services & solutions help fending off cyber attacks to the government clients as we implement the latest innovative cyber security measures & tools to ensure topmost security at all possible levels.


The retailers in the recent times are facing continuous threats to their overall security by malicious cyber attackers. As the world is moving towards the digital era, the retailers are on the constant attention of the cyber attackers who wish to breach the confidential information of customer’s account details, and other sensitive information. As such, retailers can no longer afford to avoid the security threats & issues. GCV helps the retailers in detecting potential cyber attacks before any serious damage comes into their way. GCV’s advanced range of security assessment and protection services deliver the necessary capabilities your organization might need to help in overcoming the challenges of retail cyber security.

The high-end advanced defense approach adopted by GCV combines top-notch security technology with threat intelligence methods & extensive experience of the security experts in the given field to help you in detecting, preventing, responding, and resolving the potential cyber security threats to your retail organization. Our specialized IT security team helps the retailers in constantly monitoring their security network to detect any kind of suspicious or malicious activity before the infringement of sensitive information might take place. We also offer comprehensive approach to taking remedial steps once any breaching occurs in a cost-effective manner.