Managed Security

Network Security Monitoring

Network Security Monitoring is a vital part of any organization’s network security paradigm. With the help of the right network security monitoring technology, you will be alerted of the attacks which are underway. With our specialized network security monitoring services, you can get accurate and timely details of any network security breaches on your way that allow you to respond quickly before the potential threat is able to harm your overall network. At GCV, we offer high-end network security monitoring services that help your organization in drawing insights from data within the system and properly protecting, operating, and refining your network defenses.

The network security monitoring solutions by the professional experts of GCV are designed to complement the current IT resources of your organization and offer you a peace of mind in the long run. Managed by our high-tech team of qualified and experienced security personnel, our round-the-clock network security monitoring & alerting services help in identifying threats, mitigating future security issues, and providing in-depth reporting that helps you obtain a comprehensive visibility of your organization’s data & network security.

Managed Detection and Response

The longer your organization will take to detect and identify the potential threats to your company’s data & network, the higher will be the overall risks and costs of remediating the same. With GCV’s effective managed detection & response security services, finding the right talent & ample time to explicitly detect & respond to potential security breaches is not a problem anymore. Our high-end team of qualified and experienced security experts will offer 24/7 detection & response services in your business environment. At GCV, our high-end cyber defense services can help you in achieving robust cyber resilience through the delivery of managed security threat detection & response services which is necessary to protection your data & network from the latest threats of cyber security.

Our big data experts and platform analyzes a great array of confidential data to detect any kind of suspicious activities in your organization’s applications & network. Our multi-source team of specialized analysts makes use of statistical advanced algorithms for constantly finding new threats and mapping them to the chain of cyber killing. Our effective MDR services are committed to continuously monitoring your cyber assets and alerting you for validating the potential exploits. We combine real-world security knowledge & expertise of our team to offer a truly cost-effective and MDR service that helps you achieve top-notch cyber security for your organization.

Managed UTM

The high-end Managed UTM (Unified Threat Management) services by GCV can help you avail real-time cyber security monitoring, assessment, management, analysis of the UTM devices & applications using a simple, cost-effective model and client-neutral approach. As the cyber security threats continue to keep evolving, the business organizations find it increasingly difficult to face rising security budgets, competitive priorities, and complex environments. With our specialized Managed UTM services, you can achieve optimum protection of the cyber dangers to confidential data & network of your organization.

To ensure in-depth protection to the information & network security of any organization, GCV’s integrated Managed UTM services offer a hassle-free real-time network defense solution that requires minimal investment and technical specifications on the end of the business enterprises. GCV’s Managed UTM services offer our clients access to top-notch information & network security management through the team of highly qualified and experienced cyber security experts which has obtained the highest level of security credentials & certifications in the industry. Our experts will help your organization during the diagnosis and resolution of cyber security incidents along with remedial recommendations for the ultimate protection of your digital assets.

Managed Firewall

In addition to IPS & IDS, Firewalls are the first line of defense against any sort of cyber malicious attack on your organization’s data or network. Whether you are using the highest level of security devices & tools for ensuring the overall security of your organization, monitoring of the Firewall security becomes an essential component. When you monitor the Firewall security areas of your business, you can be ensured of their smooth functioning and that you are alerted every time something suspicious occurs on your security end. We aim at offering top-notch Firewall Management services that tend to be resource-intensive. Our Firewall experts exercise a high level of security expertise towards preventing any kind of unauthorized access and expensive security breaches.

We provide a comprehensive set of Managed Firewall services to several clients which are fueled by CTU (Counter Threat Unit) Intelligence to help you in anticipating the cyber attackers and taking remedial steps to combat the same. Our professional Managed Firewall services are designed to address all the possible security complexities that might be associated with the monitoring, deployment, and the overall management of the enterprise firewalls. Our Managed Firewall services are delivered as customizable premises that combine deployment options to ensure the desired level of enhanced cyber security for your organization.

Managed IDS/IPS

There are several network security measures that can be adopted for creating an effective information & network security programme. Network IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems devices) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System devices) are the two important factors that should not be overlooked. These devices can help any organization in detecting and offering prevention against any potential security threat. The Managed IDS & IPS services by GCV have been designed effectively to fit the diverse security requirements of different business niches. We offer a highly advanced & effective security warning system through round-the-clock monitoring by our team of security experts & security engineers.

GCV offers high-end Managed IDS & IPS services that have been designed to align with the individual business needs along with the expected budgetary requirements. Our specialized Managed IDS & IPS systems are constantly updated in real-time to offer great defense against the latest cyber attacks as & when they might occur. By leveraging our expert security services, our managed IDS/IPS solutions are capable of identifying and resolving the most complex forms of security attacks, APTs, and malware threats.

Vulnerability management

The Internet is filled with highly vulnerable security threats and malware that needs to be take care of with the help of proper vulnerability management steps. At GCV, we offer high-end security vulnerability assessment and management services to ensure top-notch cyber security to the information & network of your organization. GCV approaches every type of security vulnerabilities as unique to every organization. Using the combination of both manual as well as automated security tools, we help in accurately identifying the potential points of weakness in your information & network security channels.

Our Vulnerability Management team consists of the top security analysts and highly experienced security experts that offer regular vulnerability checks for your system to look out for the latest flaws in your system. Our specialized vulnerability assessment and management deliverables offer detection of the potential threats and then, providing remedial actions to resolve the same in a cost-effective manner. GCV has the needed resources and effective team of security experts that expose the organizations to internal as well as external security assessments to make their security standards stand out from the rest in competition.