Security Assessment

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

As the organization’s network, processes and workforce tend to keep changing, so does the vulnerability to different forms of physical as well as cyber security threats. We, at GCV, can help your organization in identifying all your potential exposures to risks within the organization. Our high-end vulnerability and risk assessment methodology begins with an in-depth understanding of your organization’s vulnerabilities. Our expert team of vulnerability and risk assessment professionals can help your organization in managing the evolution of your network and in identifying any kind of vulnerabilities as well as risks that might impact the critical services to your organization.

GCV’s vulnerability & risk assessment services offer accurate, iterative, controlled, and an in-depth approach to recommendations & suggestions for effective remediation. Our high-end services are customized to focus on the client’s specific security requirements for evaluating the overall risk tolerance of the given organization. Our highly qualified and experienced experts in the given field will assess the potential risks and identify the given set of vulnerabilities existing in the network & applications, providing cost-effective, manageable recommendations to manage the same effectively.

GDPR Audit

Your organization will need to maintain the GDPR compliance on a steady and long-term basis. This is because sensitive data will keep flowing in & out of your enterprise. As such, GCV can help your organization in detecting, protecting, and monitoring sensitive data in real-time as a continuous process. Our high-end cyber security technical services include the presence of highly qualified and penetration testing team which ensures the proper testing of your system’s defenses against all forms of cyber threats & vulnerabilities. We help in strengthening your cyber security levels in compliance with the latest GDPR audits to help you progress all stages of effective business development.

The latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) will be marking a fundamental shift in the legislation of cyber data security and protection. Our team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced auditors can your organization prepare well for the upcoming shift in the cyber security paradigm. We offer excellent GDPR compliance auditing along with enhanced GDPR Gap Analysis on specialized departments of your organization. Our GDPR auditing services are the ideal solutions which will help your organization in navigating properly through the compliance field.

Source Code Security Review

Effective source code reviews can help in proper identification of hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and any kind of security errors existing within any organization. At GCV, we make use of high-end scanning tools as well as manual reviews for detecting any kind of insecure coding practices, injection flaws, weak cryptography, backdoor errors, cross-site scripting errors, insecure handling of external resources, and so more to ensure top-notch cyber security for your organization. By the evaluation of each layer of the development process, applications, and the developers as well, our specialized cyber security team is able to identify the critical flaws existing in the system. In addition to this, our team also helps in determining the root cause of such flaws & errors and can construct cost-effective suggestions & recommendations for effective remediation.

With our professional source code review services, GCV consultants and cyber security experts will help the organizations understand the potential risks associated with certain applications through in-depth analysis of the source code of the given software and offering a comprehensive list of the vulnerabilities. GCV experts offer code review services throughout the lifecycle of the given software project to ensure high quality code for your organization’s products & solutions throughout the development cycle.

Penetration Testing

Implemented by the GCV’s certified ethical hackers and cyber security experts, our penetration testing services comprise a full-scale assessment of your network for testing the ability of the given system towards withstanding hacking attacks without causing any disruptions or damages to any of the specific business processes of your organization. Effective penetration testing with GCV helps your organization reveal the potential points of weaknesses in your system before any intruder or malicious hacker comes to know about.

By coupling automated penetration testing tools along with high-end attack researchers & experts, we can help your organization in identifying the points of potential failure quickly in your system. Our team of cyber security experts also offers specialized cost-effective recommendations for remediating the same.

Our high-end penetration testing services help you in unveiling the exploitable and critical vulnerabilities in the existing system. We also help you in achieving and maintaining compliance with effective testing requirements within the security standards like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Penetration tests conducted by the cyber security experts of GCV are customized to your business environment which intends to improve the overall security of your organization.